All New Quarterly List, released January 12, 2017

After analyzing all of the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq stocks, I have found the small list of companies that meet the Big Moat criteria this quarter. The Big Moat Stock List can be purchased via Paypal and downloaded immediately.

Each stock that meets the criteria is listed with either a green check if the value is greater than 10% or a red stop sign if the value is less. This allows for an easy way to quickly go through stocks to find ones that may be of interest. An example is shown below.

Why do you need the Big Moat list?

You’re a smart investor and you understand that time is money.

The Big Moat method of investing is simple enough for anyone but it takes a lot of time to research companies. I’ve done the work for you to show you exactly which companies have acceptable Big 5 Numbers so you can focus on researching Meaning, Management and the rest.

Many ask, “Will the Big Moat List really help?”

Take a look at what Big Moat investors who have the previous lists are saying:

I wanted to let you know that your Big Moat Stock List has cut my research
time. I was researching stocks every spare minute 7 days a week, much of the time
spent in boring, futile searching through hundreds of stocks for the
right stocks to buy. I bought your complete set of lists and suddenly
my research became effective and exciting. I found the stocks whose
companies I understood in just a few days and have been happily
buying and selling ever since.

Thank You Brian for a wonderful time saving product.

D. Campbell

The list has saved me a tremendous amount of research time allowing me to focus on the stocks I want to follow. It is very easy to follow and utilize.

Bruce D.

One of the stocks on the list, Marathon Oil (MRO), I purchased at 104 and in two months it was up to 126. Another stock American Eagle (AEO) has been up and down, but it is a good stock and I expect it to continually increase in value over time. The best thing about the list is that it saved me the time and trouble of researching the stocks myself.

William M.

Another question I get is “Why don’t you update the stock list every day?”

Companies update their numbers quarterly so there is simply no need to get a nightly list. Quarterly updates are plenty. Your goal should be to find valid companies without wasting time fretting over a new stock that may show up tomorrow. My list gives you the valid stocks for the quarter and focuses your attention on that small group.

Here’s the real reason to get the Big Moat list today!

SYK - From the 1st Big Moat List

SYK was on the very first list that was released September 2006. As you can see, you didn’t need to own many shares to recover the cost of the list! That’s a 60% gain!

Still not convinced? Take a look at the next chart. ANSS was also on the original list.

ANSS - Big Moat Stock

Here’s a third from the original list that you could have taken advantage of….MRO.

MRO - Big Moat Stock

Don’t miss out on opportunities.

After looking at the charts above, the true power of the Big Moat Stock List is obvious.

  • I research thousands of stocks to find the few for you to focus on.
  • You save precious time for investing instead of researching
  • Using this list along with my Big Moat Spreadsheet means you have everything you need to know when a Big Moat stock has an acceptable Margin of Safety

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See those charts above? Don’t miss out on the stocks that might have similar charts a year from now.

Big Moat Stocks – All of the Big 5 Numbers are greater than 10% and includes spreadsheets with the actual percentagesGet the select list of companies where all of the Big 5 numbers, including Cash Flow is greater than 10% as well as all companies that meet Big Moat criteria except for Cash Flow.The actual numeric percentage values are included in Excel format for your own use and analysis.

$129.00 РReleased January 12, 2017

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