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Carnival of Personal Finance

A good place to find a lot of good personal finance information is the weekly Carnival of Personal Finance. The carnival is posted every Monday at a new site and this week its posted at No Credit Needed. There are always good links to general personal finance info, debt reduction, real estate and, of course, investing.

Fixing the Executive Pay Problem

In recent years it has become increasingly prevalent that many company executives, even if they hold a large amount of company stock, do not have their own interests aligned with the interests of the shareholders. For many of these execs, by the time they sit down at their desk on day one it has already been negotiated that their bank accounts are going to be well stocked by the time they leave the company, regardless of personal or company performance.

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has offered his solution to the problem and while it seems like a good suggestion, the main issue will be getting the boards of these companies to go along with such an idea. The people who would be changing the status quo will be those who have benefitted or are currently benefitting the most from the way things are already set up.

Does that mean the government would have to step in and tell companies how the can and can’t pay executives? This is already done to some extent with current regulations but is more government involvement necessary? One thing is for sure, something needs to change.

Move over MSN, Yahoo Charts are here

The new version of Yahoo Finance Charts are available and they sure are pretty!

With this version you can set up the Moving Average, MACD, and Slow Stochastics exactly as defined in the Big Moat book. Best of all is that all three can be available on one screen which was not the case with MSN charts. Another big reason to switch is because the charts work in Firefox so you aren’t limited to Internet Explorer as with the MSN charts. If you aren’t using Firefox, well you should be using Firefox.

Where does Berkshire Hathaway keep its cash?

Cash is a valid Big Moat investment, so many people wonder where Warren Buffett keeps his cash. Matt Krantz of USA Today answers the question.

…Berkshire says “cash equivalents,” money included the totals above, are invested in U.S. Treasury bills, money market accounts and other short-term investments that mature in three months or less from the time they were bought.