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New Big Moat Stock List Released

The latest version of the Big Moat Stock List has been completed and is now available for sale! Click here to purchase the brand new list.

The list is helping a lot of people find great Big Moat Stocks, as you can see by reading the testimonials. Many people have earned several times the cost of the list by using the list to narrow down their stock picks. Don’t waste time searching for Big Moat eligible stocks because I’ve done all the work for you.

When you purchase the Big Moat Stock List, you will receive 3 PDF files that will give you the following:

  1. The list of stocks where all of the Big 5 Numbers are ALL over 10% for each of the last 10 years.
  2. The second file has a list of stocks where all of the Big 5 Numbers EXCEPT Cash Flow are over 10% for each of the last 10 years
  3. The third file is a list of Risky Biz companies. These companies have Big 5 Numbers over 10% for a minimum of the last 6 years. These companies are high flyers that don’t have a full 10 year history, like Garmin (GRMN) for example

Also included are Excel files that have the actual numeric values that were returned during the analysis of each company on the list. This can be used to create charts to view trends or to perform further analysis.

If you are a customer who have purchased a previous list, including the recent $49 promotion, click here to visit the page where you can purchase the list for the current customer discount of $80 for the $129 list. You will be prompted to enter the email address that you used when purchasing the previous Big Moat Stock List. After your email address is validated, you will be taken to the purchase page.

New Big Moat Lists and New Analysis Spreadsheet Available

Good news everyone! I have just released an update to the original Big Moat lists. All of the analysis was completed on approximately 7,000 stocks in the month of May. Just like before, there are several options available for purchase depending on how much data you would like to receive. Click here to visit the purchase page.

If you have been looking for Big Moat candidates then purchasing the lists will minimize the amount of time you spend searching for a stock that meets the Big Moat rules. Now you can use the list to shorten your search and determine if a company has a margin of safety.

Existing customers are eligible to purchase the updated list for $49 for the $79 package (approx. a 40% discount) or $80 on the $129 package (also an approx. 40% discount). To get the discount, please use the contact form to send your request for an update with the Paypal Receipt ID and the email address used for your original purchase. I will then email instructions on how to complete the purchase for the update. Because I have to handle updates manually, please allow for at least 3 days for a response. (My response will come via gMail which is treated as spam by some providers, be sure to check your Spam folder if you haven’t received a response in over 3 days.)

I have also released an update for the Big Moat Analysis spreadsheet. I have corrected the previous issues that many of you were seeing and, once again, the spreadsheet it still available free of charge.

Free real time quotes are coming

It looks like Google will soon provide free real-time stock quotes!  This was recently announced on the official Google blog and it appears that it’s not too far off.  Now if only we could combine free real time quotes with Yahoo!’s charting we’d really have something powerful.

Label Obsession

I came across an article that calls for a decline in value stocks because they have outperformed growth stocks in recent years. The main thing I got from the article is that people are obsessed with labels.

After reading the article you should see that Big Moat investing is great because you are looking for good value in a stock but that does not mean you are looking for ‘value stocks’. Big Moat methodologies work just as well with so-called value stocks, growth stocks, or any other kind of stock as long as they meet the Big Moat criteria.

The article also has a great “thanks for pointing out the obvious” sentence too: (emphasis mine)

It appears that yesterday’s growth stocks may be today’s value stocks, and vice versa. But no matter which category you aim to invest in, you’re dealing with a moving target.

Wallstrip Discussion: Berkshire Hathaway

Today’s installment of Wallstrip covers Berkshire Hathaway, the company headed by Warren Buffett.

Buffett and his mentor Benjamin Graham provided the basis for Big Moat investing. No one can argue with the success of Buffett’s methodology, especially since Berkshire’s stock recently passed $100,00 per share.

Are you complaining? Then stop.

A lot of today’s population is made up of people who have gone to school, got a job and show up for work each day like they were told they were supposed to do. Many people have aspirations of doing more and making more but never reach the heights they desire. Many of these people even make a habit of complaining about “the rich” or “the man” keeping them from getting their due.

Its no secret that today’s world is a world of debt and a population that has come to expect their right to a job and a steady paycheck and insurance benefits. My belief is that 40 hours of work and saving whatever you can is simply not going to be enough in the coming years. Only those who take control of their own financial destination are going to live the way they truly want. Ben Stein, the actor/economist, has written an excellent column (registration required) for the NY Times on how to get your piece of the pie. In the column he says,

You are always better off working in a field where torrents of money are sloshing through and you can grab a handful as it goes by. That means Wall Street. Finance is the ultimate great business. (Warren E. Buffett famously said that you are always better off being mediocre in a great business than great in a mediocre business, and he easily could have been talking about Wall Street.)

Even if you’ll never have a Wall Street job, you can see why it important to take control of your own finances and investments. You can invest a little now to gain a lot later, but you have to be ready to take your share when the money comes passing by.

Wallstrip launched today

Wallstrip is a site where a stock of the day is introduced and discussed each day by several leading stock bloggers. Today they look at Apple (AAPL) and we get to see the opinions of long term investors, day traders and options traders. Its definitely worth checking out!

Free trades from Bank of America

Bank of America announced today that they will offer 30 free trades a month to customers who meet the minimum account requirements of $25,000 in deposits or other accounts with them. Will this lead to a price war among brokers and drive down commissions? It’ll be interesting to see.

Free Trades, Too good to be true?

A new site that plans to offer free stock trades,, is now in beta. Their hook is that they plan to offer free trades while supporting the site though an active user community and ads. In theory, this sounds like a great plan but like many things it sounds too good to be true. My advice is to wait until they establish themselves because they have already been accused of doing some unfriendly things such as spamming web site owners. Additionally, the last thing you need to worry about is whether your trading platform is going to perform as desired. If they establish themselves in the months or years to come, then we will all have an opportunity to jump on board.

Festival of Stocks

In the same vein of the carnival of personal finance from the previous post, there is now a Festival of Stocks. The first installment is now up at Fat Pitch Financials and includes posts about stock analysis, commentary, and backtesting from various sites about investing.