Now you can analyze stocks, get the margin of safety price and check the arrows all in one place!

Analyzing stocks has never been easier, simply type the symbol into cell A1 of the Excel spreadsheet and click Enter. The Big Moat analysis is run for you!

Even the red and green arrows for the 3 tools are shown.

3 Tools - Pro Spreadsheet

You can also enter your own Growth Rate and PE based on your research.

Enter Your Own Rates

Get the Sticker and Margin of Safety Prices automatically

MOS & Sticker Prices are Calculated

Analyze stocks for Big Moat Criteria and Red and Green arrows for the MACD, Slow Stochastics and Moving Averages.

You will be taken to a download page immediately upon receiving payment. An email with the download information will also be sent within minutes of receiving your payment.

With this offer, you will receive free updates for one year from the date of purchase. You will be supplied with a username and password to a members-only section to download future updates and access to additional information regarding this spreadsheet.

See below for computer and software requirements

The spreadsheet is currently unavailable while updates are being made.

Requires Microsoft Excel 2003 or newer on a Microsoft Operating system. Will not run on Excel for Macs or previous versions of Excel. Please make sure your computer meets these requirements before purchase. Refunds are not being offered if you are unable to run the spreadsheet. I’ll be happy to answer any questions prior to your purchase. Simply use the Contact Us page on

Bear Stearns (BSC) - Big Moat Analysis