I bought the Big Moat Stock List a few months ago. I wasn’t sure if it would be a wise investment or not, since there are scanners and other ways to find good stocks as well. However, after I bought the list, I found that NEOG was a one of the picks. I did a little research and continued to watch the stock. Finally, I put some money in the stock ($5000) and watched it go up and up. I sold early and made $650. I should have held on longer, because after I sold, the stock went up another $1.50. What was incredible was while other companies were going down and down with the market conditions regarding home mortgages, this stock stayed consistently strong. It rarely went down and consistently gained. My single purchase with this stock has paid for the rule one list 4 times over. And I plan to use the list in the future to “screen” for good stocks. Thank you Brian and Big Moat Stocks. You helped me make some money.

Phil P.
Amateur Trader
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Brian’s Big Moat Stocklist has saved me a substantial amount of time finding Big Moat companies. It is much more efficient to know if a particular company meets the Big Moat requirements before doing extensive research on it. The MOS spreadsheet calculator is also a great tool and I use it all the time.

Kevin C.

I wanted to let you know that your Big Moat Stock List has cut my research time. I was
researching stocks every spare minute 7 days a week, much of the time
spent in boring, futile searching through hundreds of stocks for the
right stocks to buy. I bought your complete set of lists and suddenly
my research became effective and exciting. I found the stocks whose
companies I understood in just a few days and have been happily
buying and selling ever since.

Thank You Brian for a wonderful time saving product.

D. Campbell

The list has saved me a tremendous amount of research time allowing me to focus on the stocks I want to follow. It is very easy to follow and utilize.

Bruce D.

When I accidentally found the Big Moat Stocks website, I had already wished I had
what Big Moat Stocks provides. It provides the objective short list of
stocks that meet or almost meet the Big Moat criteria, and I can then move
forward with the more subjective research about the management, use the free
sticker price & MOS calculator and make my personal stock selection
decision. The quarterly cost of the list is more than worth it because it
saves me a whole lot of time, and time is money! Thank you, Brian!

Kris O., Oregon

As a very part-time investor, I would have never been able to apply all of the Big Moat calculations to even 1/2 of the stocks you provided to see if they qualified as a Big Moat stock. Thanks for doing the lengthy math calculations for all of us to make Big Moat stocks a reality and find the diamond in the rough!


I was struggling trying to find “Big Moat stocks”. In fact in over six months I had found only two on my own. Upon finding your web site and buying your list and using your excel sheet (which I now use consistently), I gained confidence that in fact there were stocks “out there” that met all big-moat’s parameters for Big Moat. I used your list to conduct more research on the identified companies and I was up approx 4% until the turmoil of the market in late July and August. I am a “believer”, and that your excel sheet is my first “sort” for identifiying companies to do further research. Since my original purchase–I now find more on my own–but you “got me started” as I was losing faith that I would ever be able to use “Big Moat”.

Thanks. Louis

One of the stocks on the list, Marathon Oil (MRO), I purchased at 104 and in two months it was up to 126. Another stock American Eagle (AEO) has been up and down, but it is a good stock and I expect it to continually increase in value over time. The best thing about the list is that it saved me the time and trouble of researching the stocks myself.

William M.

The Big Moat list provided by Brian is a great starting point and time saver.

I wouldn’t really know where to begin this daunting task.

Thanks for providing such a great service.

Steve S.