New Pro Analysis Spreadsheet Available!

One of the most common questions I get asked here at Big Moat Numbers is about reading and interpreting the tools. Because of this, I have created a “Pro” version of the Big Moat Analysis Spreadsheet that will be a huge help in your investing analysis.

This spreadsheet will calculate the MACD, Slow Stochastics and Moving Average (both 10 and 30 day) for any stock you plug into the spreadsheet. Either a green or red arrow will show to give you the current state of each tool.

3 Tools - Pro Spreadsheet

I have also added a place for you to plug in your own Growth Rate and PE if your analysis doesn’t agree with what is pulled from the web.

Enter Your Own Rates

Click here to get more information about the new Pro Analysis Spreadsheet and to purchase and download your copy immediately.

**Please note: The Pro Analysis Spreadsheet requires Excel 2007 on a Windows Operating system. A sample spreadsheet is provided on the page linked above to test the compatibility of your computer. Please read all terms and conditions before purchase.