Get 2 Big Moat Stock Lists for the price of 1

If you have been interested in getting the Big Moat Numbers stock list now is your chance to get 2 lists for the price of 1. I’m in the process of putting together the updated list which should be released around September 25, give or take a few days.

With this offer, you can purchase the $129 list for only $49. When the new list is released, I will send an email to you with a link to purchase the brand new list for $80, which is the existing customers discount. Act quickly because once the new list is released, the old list will no longer be available and this offer will no longer exist.

I haven’t completely finished the analysis for the new list but what I have so far shows that the new list will be about 60% to 70% different from the current list. Several of the stocks are also very close to the MOS price, close enough that you still have a large margin of safety.

To get the information on how to get the discount, please enter your name and email in the form below and click the button. The information for receiving the discount will be sent to the email address provided after you click the link sent in the confirmation email. This will also add you to the Big Moat Numbers email list to get updates on the spreadsheet and other information that is available in the future.

Update 9/25/07: The new list has been released and this offer is no longer available. Click here to purchase the new list and download it immediately.