Are you a Big Moat Turtle?

I recently read a book on stock trading that I feel is a perfect complement to Big Moat Investing because it addresses some very important factors when trading. The book is Way of the Turtle: The Secret Methods that Turned Ordinary People into Legendary Traders

The author, Curtis Faith, was part of a group called the Turtle Traders who were put together to see if anyone could be taught to be a successful trader. Curtis turned out to be the most successful Turtle even though every person was given the same education. This book describes the education everyone received, but more importantly, it tells why many were not successful. The main factor that caused people to not be successful was their inability to control their emotions and accept being wrong. This book addresses this concept in a way that I feel will be very beneficial to everyone looking for success with their Big Moat investing.

Way of the Turtle - Curtis Faith