New Big Moat Lists and New Analysis Spreadsheet Available

Good news everyone! I have just released an update to the original Big Moat lists. All of the analysis was completed on approximately 7,000 stocks in the month of May. Just like before, there are several options available for purchase depending on how much data you would like to receive. Click here to visit the purchase page.

If you have been looking for Big Moat candidates then purchasing the lists will minimize the amount of time you spend searching for a stock that meets the Big Moat rules. Now you can use the list to shorten your search and determine if a company has a margin of safety.

Existing customers are eligible to purchase the updated list for $49 for the $79 package (approx. a 40% discount) or $80 on the $129 package (also an approx. 40% discount). To get the discount, please use the contact form to send your request for an update with the Paypal Receipt ID and the email address used for your original purchase. I will then email instructions on how to complete the purchase for the update. Because I have to handle updates manually, please allow for at least 3 days for a response. (My response will come via gMail which is treated as spam by some providers, be sure to check your Spam folder if you haven’t received a response in over 3 days.)

I have also released an update for the Big Moat Analysis spreadsheet. I have corrected the previous issues that many of you were seeing and, once again, the spreadsheet it still available free of charge.