Are you complaining? Then stop.

A lot of today’s population is made up of people who have gone to school, got a job and show up for work each day like they were told they were supposed to do. Many people have aspirations of doing more and making more but never reach the heights they desire. Many of these people even make a habit of complaining about “the rich” or “the man” keeping them from getting their due.

Its no secret that today’s world is a world of debt and a population that has come to expect their right to a job and a steady paycheck and insurance benefits. My belief is that 40 hours of work and saving whatever you can is simply not going to be enough in the coming years. Only those who take control of their own financial destination are going to live the way they truly want. Ben Stein, the actor/economist, has written an excellent column (registration required) for the NY Times on how to get your piece of the pie. In the column he says,

You are always better off working in a field where torrents of money are sloshing through and you can grab a handful as it goes by. That means Wall Street. Finance is the ultimate great business. (Warren E. Buffett famously said that you are always better off being mediocre in a great business than great in a mediocre business, and he easily could have been talking about Wall Street.)

Even if you’ll never have a Wall Street job, you can see why it important to take control of your own finances and investments. You can invest a little now to gain a lot later, but you have to be ready to take your share when the money comes passing by.