Continuing the Conversation: RIMM

Today’s Wallstrip converstation covers Research in Motion, the makers of Blackberry. Looking at RIMM from a Big Moat perspective, the first thing to notice is that RIMM is immediately considered a risky biz because of the lack of 10 years of history. Of all the numbers, Sales have been huge which is completely expected of a fairly new technology that is now called a Crackberry. Equity has been up and down with the most recent year being less than 10%. EPS has also been up and down over the time measured. Currently, RIMM is not considered a true Big Moat candidate, but the popularity of the technology cannot be denied so this may be a company you’re willing to invest in as part of your Risky Biz portfolio.

RIMM (green check means value > 10%, red stop sign means value < 10%)Click to view RIMM’s Big Moat Numbers full size