The 4 M’s of Fastenal: Margin of Safety

For the final post in the 4 M’s of Fastenal series, we’ll run the numbers and determine the margin of safety price for purchasing Fastenal stock. In a previous post, we’ve seen that Fastenal has a solid track record with all of the numbers except for cash flow. Looking more closely at the numbers though, we’ll see that Fastenal’s equity/BVPS has been decreasing steadily over the previous 10 years. Almost immediately, according to big-moat’s rules, this would rule out Fastenal as a Big Moat company.

After calculating the margin of safety, it looks like Fastenal has a MOS price of approximately $22 and the current price is $38.41. In this case, it looks like Mr. Market has the stock priced at full price. At this time, given the concerns over the decreasing equity and being nowhere near the MOS, Fastenal is not currently a Big Moat stock.